Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creativity in a life...Mission Statement and Goals

I believe I have come up with a Mission Statement for my "business". It goes like this... 
(Name of business) will share GOD's Word, my love of color and my desire to design by creating mixed media pieces. 

My goal is to become a full time artist, expressing myself through mixed media, sharing GOD's Word, creating a complete piece each week. 

My mom and dad!

Any ideas for a name???
   Thee and Me
Creativity In A Life
   Paint and Me
  My Day Brings...

Let me know if you can give me ideas!

 It is me...and hopefully at some point my kids and parents, and any other family members that may want to join me. I love teaching, but I so want to spend time with my "lover-ly" mom and dad. Aren't they cute? 

Come see me again!

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  1. Kim, I love "Thee and me". It just sounds like you.