Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creative pumpkin carving!

What a fun evening for my daughter's 20th birthday! She wanted everyone to have a pumpkin to carve. It is funny how those pumpkins took on the personality of the creator! The little ones had pieces that they could stick in their  pumpkin like Mr. Potato Head...cept this was Witchy Pumpkin and Princess Pumpkin! My daddy is very tall, his pumpkin is very tall and the nose is very much like his. It was a fun evening!
For her birthday my Sage made her own cheesecake! It was scrumptious!!!! There was also homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing with candy corn and candy pumpkins...made by my niece. Sage did all the good...Taylor Swift tickets, a hundred pairs of socks, $, an angel bear inside a gorgeous "Keeper" box, and many other fun things. Happy Birthday, again, Bubs!

Don't be a stranger, meet me here another day!
Kim Lee

P.S. Had a very interesting piece of mail the other anonymous letter. The person who sent it had, for some reason, felt the need to policed my fb. I mean, this person typed the letter, printed the letter, (did not fold it very well when it putting it in the envelope) created a label for my address, stuck a stamp on it and mailed it. Really? Either too much time on their hands, or they just needed to yell at someone!
This anonymous person decided to tell me how I should have responded to my 23 years old son's "hack" post on my FB page, "You should have immediately deleted it and apologized to your sweet friends". Really? My friends are just fine with my FB or they are not my friends.
This person felt the need to share that I had not done a very good job teaching my children respect and honor. MY children do respect and honor their dad and me...if there is a problem we talk about it, we laugh together, we become flexible when needed...we love unconditionally.
 This person also decided to tell me that my desire to share scriptures that mean something to me must not be real in my life. Really? I believe that God lays scriptures on our hearts to be shared. Not that what iI got out of them is the only is mine.
Honestly, the person did not know me well enough to know the humor that my children and i share may be a bit bizarre, but it is ours and we love each other and laugh with each other.
This person did know me well enough to know that most of the comments were from my family...even though they do not have my last name. They also knew me well enough to have my is not on FB. All in all, the letter was a bust if it was to deter my family's fact, I think it made me want to post more of it!
I have to admit that I had someone in mind as to who sent it, I probably should apologize to that person. as I made that decision not based on concrete evidence. So, no matter who it is , who it was, it did not do anything except to allow my family to become CSI detectives! Everyone wants a chance at figuring it out! WE are being creative!
Next time you get an anonymous letter, have fun with it! Try to figure out who it was. Look at every word, do they use one word really often? Is it written in the way someone you know talks? If they use spell check, that is not fair. :-)
See you soon!

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