Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome day 2!

Today is day two of my posting in a row! Woo-hoo! I did a bit of "sketching" with a plan for a grade level these next couple of weeks.We get no snow in Katy, Tx...or I should say we very, very seldom get snow in Katy. So, I think a snow globe would be fun. A couple of years ago I found a CD that that shows a snow globe from various angles with or without music. I also have a few little snow globes to show them. I think that it will be a fun activity.

This was the first day back to school...a work day...of the new year. So much to do! I am going to have my first Student Teacher this year. In 23 years I have never had one. I believe it will be a learning experience for us both!

Christmas was packed today until next December, well really, Thanksgiving. It is rather bittersweet to me. I love the decorations and yet, it is nice to have it put up. I decorate my "Quiet Room"...a room my husband built with large windows on every side...seasonally. So, my snowmen are calling to come out! AND my bed is calling for me to come I will close.

Hope that you will join me again, at the house in the woods.

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