Friday, February 3, 2012

Creativity in a life...a bird in the corner...

There is a bird in the corner dear Johnny dear Johnny, there is a bird in the corner, dear Johnny, a bird!

No it is not dear sweetie, dear sweetie dear sweetie, no it is not, dear sweetie, it is not a bird...oh really?

Well, yep, that is a little bird hunkered down in the tall corner of our front porch. I am thinking his/her nest must be a bit wet. You see, it has rained here a pretty good bit. When my son saw it he came running in calling his dad and I to come see this weird thing. We said it was a bird, "no, it is a mouse of something!" Well Sackett, can you see it's tail? That is s little bird. It is safe and warm and dry...leave it be!
A bird in the eaves of the porch.

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