Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A day in a life...February 1, 2012...omg! Where has the time flown!

It is February and my snowmen are still in various venues on my tables and in niches. They almost melted this January, as here in Katy the temps hit the mid 70s many days! I thought about the book, The Snowman, and how my students were so sad when the great guy melted. How true. I love cold weather when it is suppose to be cold. 
Then again, I must admit, I do love the flowers and God's greens when it is warm. Right now I have lantana popping up many places near all our woods. I just love it when there is really no sign of any and all of a sudden, there it is! The fern is popping up as well. It is kind of funny, but my summer caladiums started popping up during some of our winter, due to its warmness. Crazy, huh?!

Saturday our sweet Piggers is going to a new home. There is a precious little guy named Dylan that has loved Piggers since the first day he saw him...last April. For his birthday his mom asked him what he wanted...Piggers..."no mom, not another pig, Piggers!". Well, the boys are going to be buds real soon. I will miss Piggers and his fun personality. He loves to be loved on! He loves his tummy scratched. When you start scratching his side, he will flop on his side and want more. He is just the greatest!  

Well, I would love to see you come back sometime. Hope you have a great creative day!

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