Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creativity in a Life...finished first piece!

The Lord is my Shepherd...oops, I took the picture with my computer and it is backward here!!!!

I have completed my first multimedia piece! I began it on February 4, has taken more than a week. Longer than I thought it would. I must work on being better at setting away time each day for that amount time to paint. It is important to me...but family must come first.
I am creating these paintings using God's Word. It is my way to share my testimony. Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creativity in a life...a day to party!

We have a couple of wonderful celebrations today! One is our beautiful Shoeless is home with his boy. The surgery was not as bad as earlier thought! No pins or accessories were needed, no drilling a hole in his leg recovery is cut in half. Recovery will be 4-6 weeks instead of 8-12! So good. Still, there is going to be a lot of work ahead. (In fact, after this bit of blog, Shoeless and I will do some rehab.) 

Another reason to celebrate is our sweet niece Amanda's birthday. We are hosting it at our home. I still have snowmen out! Eek! Gotta get the my Valentines out! We have heated the pool, but are going to wait until only the big kids are here to swim. Little ones have bad ears. :-( 

I will swing back by with some photos! Have a great day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creativity in a life...our boy is doing well!

Shoeless Joe has come out of surgery doing really well. When the Doc got in, saw it was not as bad as first thought. Thank goodness! No pins! No bone drilling! No rubber things! Recoup time is going to be 4-6 weeks instead of 8-12 weeks!!! He will still have a lamp shade on his head...poor baby. He will still need to stay low key, but it will be better all around. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity in a life...February 8, 2012

Our sweet Shoeless Joe is at the Orthopedic specially vets tonight. He is having knee surgery tomorrow. Poor boy, has  a birth defect that at a little over a year, has shown its ugly head. We will pick him up on Friday. There is so much in the recuperating  period of 8 to 12 weeks. I will keep you posted...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

creativity in a life...this super bowl Sunday!

Yesterday I began an artistic mess in my "Corner Studio", in my Quiet Room. I am working on a mixed media piece about Psalm 23...THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. Did you know in that scripture it says HE leadeth me beside still waters...sheep will not drink from water that is moving. A shepherd would never lead his sheep to a place that is uncomfortable, or worrisome. GOD will not lead us to those places either...we do that ourselves. Listen, do you hear that still small voice? If not, listen, HE is here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Creativity in a life...a bird in the corner...

There is a bird in the corner dear Johnny dear Johnny, there is a bird in the corner, dear Johnny, a bird!

No it is not dear sweetie, dear sweetie dear sweetie, no it is not, dear sweetie, it is not a bird...oh really?

Well, yep, that is a little bird hunkered down in the tall corner of our front porch. I am thinking his/her nest must be a bit wet. You see, it has rained here a pretty good bit. When my son saw it he came running in calling his dad and I to come see this weird thing. We said it was a bird, "no, it is a mouse of something!" Well Sackett, can you see it's tail? That is s little bird. It is safe and warm and dry...leave it be!
A bird in the eaves of the porch.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A day in a life...February 1, 2012...omg! Where has the time flown!

It is February and my snowmen are still in various venues on my tables and in niches. They almost melted this January, as here in Katy the temps hit the mid 70s many days! I thought about the book, The Snowman, and how my students were so sad when the great guy melted. How true. I love cold weather when it is suppose to be cold. 
Then again, I must admit, I do love the flowers and God's greens when it is warm. Right now I have lantana popping up many places near all our woods. I just love it when there is really no sign of any and all of a sudden, there it is! The fern is popping up as well. It is kind of funny, but my summer caladiums started popping up during some of our winter, due to its warmness. Crazy, huh?!

Saturday our sweet Piggers is going to a new home. There is a precious little guy named Dylan that has loved Piggers since the first day he saw him...last April. For his birthday his mom asked him what he wanted...Piggers..."no mom, not another pig, Piggers!". Well, the boys are going to be buds real soon. I will miss Piggers and his fun personality. He loves to be loved on! He loves his tummy scratched. When you start scratching his side, he will flop on his side and want more. He is just the greatest!  

Well, I would love to see you come back sometime. Hope you have a great creative day!