Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012 - my goodness, I have been on summer "vacation" since June7th...and have not painted anything. I have done "home" kind of stuff. Things that have been put off with school. But one weekend before school was over I painted three 6x6" canvas boards using mixed-media. What a fantastically exciting time! I love mix-media!!!!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Glad to be back!

It is hard to believe that it has been a bit over three months since I have blogged. Life just keeps on going, whether we blog or not. *In these three months I have started a boot fact, I finished my 12th week! I am loving it. October will see me at 55, and this ol' girl would like some part of her in some kind of nice shape. (My honey is proud of me going, I can tell!)
*Three months has brought a new art teacher to our school for next year. The coolest part is that she was my student teacher from January to March. It is truly a GOD thing...but that can posted later!
*Also these three months have seen my honey and I celebrate 25 years of marriage. Wow! And you know what, I love the man more today than when we first married. (It has not been all easy and cozy, nope, but when you know GOD is the one who brought you together, you stick with it, cause it can only get better!)
*These three months also saw one grandson turn 2 and another turn 6...but on a sad note, it has not brought our families together. But, that too is for another blog...maybe.
*Within these three months I have been commissioned to paint a little something for town. What a fun thing to do!
*Included in these three months my son and his fiance' set their wedding date...12/21/12. That should be a fun day! Plans are being made, $ being planned, excitment, anticipation, know the gammet!

And now, in just 10 1/2 days I will be on summer break. My list of what I need/want to do is getting rather large. I am hoping for a bit of a trip to delve into some art. I have been a part of wonderful Mary Engelbreit's workshops the past two years...but this year my neice and I are waiting until fall. If you ever get a chane, GO! Mary is delightful as are all of her staff.

For the final projects in school I am trying to do many things in one piece...see my dog. George Rodrigue's Blue Dog started my mind going on well as the fun "Zentangles" ( . In this project my class discussed cool/warm colors and chose one set to paint the upper left corner. We then discussed "mono-chromatic" painting and worked with one color using black and white to shade and tine in the upper right hand corner. Neutrals were another area that I wanted my students to know...and many did not! we painted the bottom left corner. They had brown, sepia, white and black and made many new neutral colors mixing. Last, but certainly not least, was the Zentangles. I have introduced these to three grade levels and I am inveriable stopped in the hall to be shown a slip of paper with four or five "tangles". The kids are loving them and coming up with some great ones themselves!
All in all, I believe this one of the most fun projects and a project that keeps those "end of year" sillies at bay.

Well, come join me again another day...

P.S. I forgot to tell you, but those three months also saw me get voted Teacher of the Year at my school. I was humbled and surprised. My teaching friends have blessed me beyond words!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creativity in a Life...finished first piece!

The Lord is my Shepherd...oops, I took the picture with my computer and it is backward here!!!!

I have completed my first multimedia piece! I began it on February 4, has taken more than a week. Longer than I thought it would. I must work on being better at setting away time each day for that amount time to paint. It is important to me...but family must come first.
I am creating these paintings using God's Word. It is my way to share my testimony. Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creativity in a life...a day to party!

We have a couple of wonderful celebrations today! One is our beautiful Shoeless is home with his boy. The surgery was not as bad as earlier thought! No pins or accessories were needed, no drilling a hole in his leg recovery is cut in half. Recovery will be 4-6 weeks instead of 8-12! So good. Still, there is going to be a lot of work ahead. (In fact, after this bit of blog, Shoeless and I will do some rehab.) 

Another reason to celebrate is our sweet niece Amanda's birthday. We are hosting it at our home. I still have snowmen out! Eek! Gotta get the my Valentines out! We have heated the pool, but are going to wait until only the big kids are here to swim. Little ones have bad ears. :-( 

I will swing back by with some photos! Have a great day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creativity in a life...our boy is doing well!

Shoeless Joe has come out of surgery doing really well. When the Doc got in, saw it was not as bad as first thought. Thank goodness! No pins! No bone drilling! No rubber things! Recoup time is going to be 4-6 weeks instead of 8-12 weeks!!! He will still have a lamp shade on his head...poor baby. He will still need to stay low key, but it will be better all around. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity in a life...February 8, 2012

Our sweet Shoeless Joe is at the Orthopedic specially vets tonight. He is having knee surgery tomorrow. Poor boy, has  a birth defect that at a little over a year, has shown its ugly head. We will pick him up on Friday. There is so much in the recuperating  period of 8 to 12 weeks. I will keep you posted...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

creativity in a life...this super bowl Sunday!

Yesterday I began an artistic mess in my "Corner Studio", in my Quiet Room. I am working on a mixed media piece about Psalm 23...THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. Did you know in that scripture it says HE leadeth me beside still waters...sheep will not drink from water that is moving. A shepherd would never lead his sheep to a place that is uncomfortable, or worrisome. GOD will not lead us to those places either...we do that ourselves. Listen, do you hear that still small voice? If not, listen, HE is here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Creativity in a life...a bird in the corner...

There is a bird in the corner dear Johnny dear Johnny, there is a bird in the corner, dear Johnny, a bird!

No it is not dear sweetie, dear sweetie dear sweetie, no it is not, dear sweetie, it is not a bird...oh really?

Well, yep, that is a little bird hunkered down in the tall corner of our front porch. I am thinking his/her nest must be a bit wet. You see, it has rained here a pretty good bit. When my son saw it he came running in calling his dad and I to come see this weird thing. We said it was a bird, "no, it is a mouse of something!" Well Sackett, can you see it's tail? That is s little bird. It is safe and warm and dry...leave it be!
A bird in the eaves of the porch.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A day in a life...February 1, 2012...omg! Where has the time flown!

It is February and my snowmen are still in various venues on my tables and in niches. They almost melted this January, as here in Katy the temps hit the mid 70s many days! I thought about the book, The Snowman, and how my students were so sad when the great guy melted. How true. I love cold weather when it is suppose to be cold. 
Then again, I must admit, I do love the flowers and God's greens when it is warm. Right now I have lantana popping up many places near all our woods. I just love it when there is really no sign of any and all of a sudden, there it is! The fern is popping up as well. It is kind of funny, but my summer caladiums started popping up during some of our winter, due to its warmness. Crazy, huh?!

Saturday our sweet Piggers is going to a new home. There is a precious little guy named Dylan that has loved Piggers since the first day he saw him...last April. For his birthday his mom asked him what he wanted...Piggers..."no mom, not another pig, Piggers!". Well, the boys are going to be buds real soon. I will miss Piggers and his fun personality. He loves to be loved on! He loves his tummy scratched. When you start scratching his side, he will flop on his side and want more. He is just the greatest!  

Well, I would love to see you come back sometime. Hope you have a great creative day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creativity in a life...Mission Statement and Goals

I believe I have come up with a Mission Statement for my "business". It goes like this... 
(Name of business) will share GOD's Word, my love of color and my desire to design by creating mixed media pieces. 

My goal is to become a full time artist, expressing myself through mixed media, sharing GOD's Word, creating a complete piece each week. 

My mom and dad!

Any ideas for a name???
   Thee and Me
Creativity In A Life
   Paint and Me
  My Day Brings...

Let me know if you can give me ideas!

 It is me...and hopefully at some point my kids and parents, and any other family members that may want to join me. I love teaching, but I so want to spend time with my "lover-ly" mom and dad. Aren't they cute? 

Come see me again!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A day in a life...on January 24th, 2012

A day of fun in my art class...began the day with a visit from Picasso. My second graders are making a portrait Picasso style. You eye looking at you, the other to the side and the nose...well that is a fun look! Kinder is working on snowmen. A bit hard to get those kids excited in Katy, Tx about snowmen...but they loved the book, THE SNOWMAN. Third is working on a Patriotic piece for their program next month. First grade is learning about Wayne Theibaud and creating colorful ice cream cones. Fourth and Fifth are working on pieces learning about Keith Haring. I love teaching art! There is seldom a time that I do not love being in my classroom! Who wouldn't! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

A day in a life...

My man and I in NYC!
I love days...good days, not so good days, even bad ones. Cause if I have a day...then I have had the joy of waking up next to a good man and with two great "adult" kids in our home. What more could a woman ask? 
What about being the daughter of two beautiful, very loved people? And the sister of two of the kindest, accepting, loving sisters. 
That is all...just wanted to say that. 
Sackett and Sage, siblings, my kids!
See you next time!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I have begun to move!

My newest addition to my studio
I have added a new piece to my studio, an antique kitchen cabinet. I am moving part of  my studio to my Quiet Room...a room with three walls of windows looking at our woods and pool. Love the view! So incredibly peaceful. There are various birds and animals that come and visit. A cardinal lets me know when there is no more food, he is very vocal. Cannot wait to show you some of my adventures that will be taking place in this room!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

And it is 5:30 again...

My sweet Jubalee!
I love my Jubal, but girl, 5:30...on Saturday! What a goober! I have had the opportunity to watch the sunrise quietly with a cup of coffee. That was nice. I have loved on all the four legged kids...except Piggers, too cold to go out in my jammies! I have even gotten to catch up on some reading and shows. It is have been a quiet those kind. Don't you? 
Today, I am getting rid of a few more "stacks". My honey told me the other evening that I have "stacks". Really, this from a funny guy that has had an office for 12 years who could not work in it for 9 because of the stacks on the desk, the table and the floor. It took getting new carpet for that office to take shape...of course now, our bedroom has a few of his "stacks". He moved from his office to our sweet parlor...for the past 5 years that has been his domain. Yes, I do have a studio, very primitive studio. It was started about 10 years ago in the third of our three car garage. Being that is has no closed in ceiling other than the garage one, I have visitors, routinely. So, when I want to work out there...I must clean flat areas. (You see, we live on three acres in the woods.) Our sweet little neck of the woods is such a wonderful spot to be creative and I don't fault our little field mice, they were here way before we were. 
The thing that is hard for me, all my books, magazines and papers have to stay inside causing "stacks"...because with the critters come paper eating vermin...bugs. I shared this with my honey last night. I would love to use my Quiet Room. My view, the woods. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful spot in the world? Oh, let me see how that might work. I will get back with you on this thought!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Pooped to Ponder....

Up since 5:30a.m., at school by 6:45. I hit my art room running...lots to do, new student, though. Got home at 4:30, hit the home running...took CHRISTMAS tree apart and "bagged" it.  Said good bye to my three sets of villages, while I loving put them away gently with bubble wrap. Put all six CHRISTMAS tubs away neatly in the garage. Kept a close eye on our new pup, Charlie...since her "mama" has not been here this afternoon and Charlie is still potty training. Cleaned the kitchen, including a  sink full of dishes that were not there when I went to bed last night or left this a.m....including two of my beautiful skillets that I needed to use Bar Maid cleanser to get all the stuff out of them. (Granted my daughter did fix breakfast for her friend, her brother and her dad...that was nice) Have folded one load of clothes, put one load of towels in the dryer, started another load of towels. Re-"decorated" our corner antique and the table in my "Quiet Room".  Finally sat down at 7:30...only to hear my honey say, "What is this pup chewing on? Someone's hooked rug? You really need to watch her." Really? So, I put all dogs in their kennels, changed my clothes and got in my truck to find FoOd at 8!
Well, so incredibly tired that I am close to tears. We just got home from dinner and nothing earn sounded good...crazy to be so tired. Showered and in bed. Night friends! Tomorrow is another day, wonder what it will hold?!
(By the way, I am thankful beyond words that I have my husband, children and pups to love, clean up times... and to say good night and good morning to...don't want anybody thinking that I don't.) :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So, I Started a Workshop...

I told my loving husband that everyday I was coming home and working on Traci Bautista's workshops...two of them. So far, I have printed the first part of the first workshop. Some would say I failed. But I am not going to claim that. I am just gearing up and savoring every morsel of word and color. She is such an interesting being! 
FRIEND...a chipboard book

Now the above a fun scrap/photo book I made for a dear friend at school...nothing to do with the workshop. Since I had nothing from the workshop to show you, thought I would show you this. It was fun putting the colors together...and then of course, the embellishments! (Don't you just think that those things make it!) I am not a scrapbooker...I did make one for a precious friend that moved and one for my daughter's graduation....but that is  my limit.) Doing things for other folks, I love it!

Sage...the human...and Charlie
Do you remember I shared that we had to put our daughter's (Sage) ol' yellow lab Jesse down due to congestive heart failure? Well, this is Charlie. A labradoodle that came to live with us New Year's Eve. She is a gorgeous pup with, almost, beige eyes. They are beautiful. She loves our big dogs, Jubal...the chocolate and Shoeless Joe, the black. Shoeless has adopted her as his own. (The same way Jubal did him when he came to us a year ago last November.) So fun to watch them all together. Charlie is learning her place...and the others are sweetly teaching her. I am sure as time goes on, there will be more photos. 
Oh, goodness, best close to hit the hay. Come and join me again!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Full Day!

Day four! But this day there was no art done at home. I did draw a snowman and paint him with my Kindergarteners today. I also drew a snowman in a globe with first. So, let me show you something I made for my niece right before CHRISTMAS. 
Today I hit the floor running. I knew after my duty this a.m. I would get to my class and be able to do a bit of things to prepare...nope. Instead, got caught around every corner. I am not complaining...the folks I work with are the greatest of great folks. Stayed at school and completed my lesson plans...then went to church. I love seeing my dad at church and, oh my, the cookies that Mrs. Bunch makes! Wonderful!!! 
Now, it is 10:45 and I am doing my first load of laundry. Mercy! But, tomorrow, my daughter is cleaning house...woo-hoo!!!

Tonight Maddie may be able to get a new liver, lets pray for her and her family. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three days posting...on a roll, girl! A fun day for me, as I was with 5 other art teachers and we got to "create". What a wonderful job I have!
I drew a bit and used some "water soluble crayons"...what a great invention. Color a bit and use a paint brush to carry the color. The crayons are so creamy. A fun media.
The scripture that I used is Hebrews 11:1...FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR AND THE CONVICTION OF THINGS NOT SEEN. GOD is so good! All HE asks for is our faith, and it is as a simple as a child. Why cannot was as adults have that kind of faith!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome day 2!

Today is day two of my posting in a row! Woo-hoo! I did a bit of "sketching" with a plan for a grade level these next couple of weeks.We get no snow in Katy, Tx...or I should say we very, very seldom get snow in Katy. So, I think a snow globe would be fun. A couple of years ago I found a CD that that shows a snow globe from various angles with or without music. I also have a few little snow globes to show them. I think that it will be a fun activity.

This was the first day back to school...a work day...of the new year. So much to do! I am going to have my first Student Teacher this year. In 23 years I have never had one. I believe it will be a learning experience for us both!

Christmas was packed today until next December, well really, Thanksgiving. It is rather bittersweet to me. I love the decorations and yet, it is nice to have it put up. I decorate my "Quiet Room"...a room my husband built with large windows on every side...seasonally. So, my snowmen are calling to come out! AND my bed is calling for me to come I will close.

Hope that you will join me again, at the house in the woods.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New's Year Resolution of 2012...

I seldom have New's Year Resolutions, but this year I have decided to make one. My resolution is to create a bit of something everyday. Today I just doodled, it was relaxing. It is very simple, but I know I must do this each day. I want to see where this may take me. My desire is to have a Quiet Time everyday. I hope that whatever I do, it will be a time of growth.
Another thing I am planning is a will have my Quiet Time thoughts, my sketches/doodles, etc and my business ideas. I plan on posting a bit about it...whether scriptures and what they mean to me or my art and doodles...or maybe both. 
I look forward to 2012, have no idea what is ahead, but I know that my Heavenly Father is in control. I am excited to see what is ahead. 
This is my doodle today. Just lines and shapes put together. But my first doodle of the New Year.