Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three days posting...on a roll, girl! A fun day for me, as I was with 5 other art teachers and we got to "create". What a wonderful job I have!
I drew a bit and used some "water soluble crayons"...what a great invention. Color a bit and use a paint brush to carry the color. The crayons are so creamy. A fun media.
The scripture that I used is Hebrews 11:1...FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR AND THE CONVICTION OF THINGS NOT SEEN. GOD is so good! All HE asks for is our faith, and it is as a simple as a child. Why cannot was as adults have that kind of faith!

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  1. Enjoying your blog. Thinking I might have to start one. Have been wanting to for a long time!