Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So, I Started a Workshop...

I told my loving husband that everyday I was coming home and working on Traci Bautista's workshops...two of them. So far, I have printed the first part of the first workshop. Some would say I failed. But I am not going to claim that. I am just gearing up and savoring every morsel of word and color. She is such an interesting being! 
FRIEND...a chipboard book

Now the above a fun scrap/photo book I made for a dear friend at school...nothing to do with the workshop. Since I had nothing from the workshop to show you, thought I would show you this. It was fun putting the colors together...and then of course, the embellishments! (Don't you just think that those things make it!) I am not a scrapbooker...I did make one for a precious friend that moved and one for my daughter's graduation....but that is  my limit.) Doing things for other folks, I love it!

Sage...the human...and Charlie
Do you remember I shared that we had to put our daughter's (Sage) ol' yellow lab Jesse down due to congestive heart failure? Well, this is Charlie. A labradoodle that came to live with us New Year's Eve. She is a gorgeous pup with, almost, beige eyes. They are beautiful. She loves our big dogs, Jubal...the chocolate and Shoeless Joe, the black. Shoeless has adopted her as his own. (The same way Jubal did him when he came to us a year ago last November.) So fun to watch them all together. Charlie is learning her place...and the others are sweetly teaching her. I am sure as time goes on, there will be more photos. 
Oh, goodness, best close to hit the hay. Come and join me again!

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