Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Pooped to Ponder....

Up since 5:30a.m., at school by 6:45. I hit my art room running...lots to do, new student, though. Got home at 4:30, hit the home running...took CHRISTMAS tree apart and "bagged" it.  Said good bye to my three sets of villages, while I loving put them away gently with bubble wrap. Put all six CHRISTMAS tubs away neatly in the garage. Kept a close eye on our new pup, Charlie...since her "mama" has not been here this afternoon and Charlie is still potty training. Cleaned the kitchen, including a  sink full of dishes that were not there when I went to bed last night or left this a.m....including two of my beautiful skillets that I needed to use Bar Maid cleanser to get all the stuff out of them. (Granted my daughter did fix breakfast for her friend, her brother and her dad...that was nice) Have folded one load of clothes, put one load of towels in the dryer, started another load of towels. Re-"decorated" our corner antique and the table in my "Quiet Room".  Finally sat down at 7:30...only to hear my honey say, "What is this pup chewing on? Someone's hooked rug? You really need to watch her." Really? So, I put all dogs in their kennels, changed my clothes and got in my truck to find FoOd at 8!
Well, so incredibly tired that I am close to tears. We just got home from dinner and nothing earn sounded good...crazy to be so tired. Showered and in bed. Night friends! Tomorrow is another day, wonder what it will hold?!
(By the way, I am thankful beyond words that I have my husband, children and pups to love, clean up times... and to say good night and good morning to...don't want anybody thinking that I don't.) :-)

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