Saturday, January 14, 2012

And it is 5:30 again...

My sweet Jubalee!
I love my Jubal, but girl, 5:30...on Saturday! What a goober! I have had the opportunity to watch the sunrise quietly with a cup of coffee. That was nice. I have loved on all the four legged kids...except Piggers, too cold to go out in my jammies! I have even gotten to catch up on some reading and shows. It is have been a quiet those kind. Don't you? 
Today, I am getting rid of a few more "stacks". My honey told me the other evening that I have "stacks". Really, this from a funny guy that has had an office for 12 years who could not work in it for 9 because of the stacks on the desk, the table and the floor. It took getting new carpet for that office to take shape...of course now, our bedroom has a few of his "stacks". He moved from his office to our sweet parlor...for the past 5 years that has been his domain. Yes, I do have a studio, very primitive studio. It was started about 10 years ago in the third of our three car garage. Being that is has no closed in ceiling other than the garage one, I have visitors, routinely. So, when I want to work out there...I must clean flat areas. (You see, we live on three acres in the woods.) Our sweet little neck of the woods is such a wonderful spot to be creative and I don't fault our little field mice, they were here way before we were. 
The thing that is hard for me, all my books, magazines and papers have to stay inside causing "stacks"...because with the critters come paper eating vermin...bugs. I shared this with my honey last night. I would love to use my Quiet Room. My view, the woods. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful spot in the world? Oh, let me see how that might work. I will get back with you on this thought!

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