Tuesday, October 11, 2011

20 years in the making....truly a creativity in a life

Twenty years ago today my husband, John, and I were blessed with the most pleasant surprise...a beautiful baby girl. We both expected a boy, there were already two. Not only did this miracle come as a girl, but one with orange hair and blue eyes. As I looked at her fingers and toes and everything in between, I noticed a little red dot on her little finger. It is still there today! She has and continues to bring us such joy and laughter.
Our daughter's name is Kathryn Sage. One friend has accused me of  naming her after someone in both of our lives...but truly it is the way looks written in long hand. You see, the 'y' in Kathryn looks wonderful with the 'g' in Sage. We call her Sage...her dad loves to call her Kate. She could be either.
Sage watched her big brother play baseball and started on an all boy team the spring of her first grade year. She played until she was 13. Every new coach Sage had to prove herself, it didn't take but a game or two and they were sold. The boys took care of her...she was a catcher and was nailed by a bat now and again. Those boys made a b-line to me or her dad for ice. In Jr. High she began basketball and volleyball. I would ask about softball, NEVER would be the answer. But, her brother's girlfriend at the time Sage went to high school got her into softball. She began as a catcher and became THE catcher. She also played basketball. Both were her favorite while playing them. She lettered in both all four years.
Now the child is in college...she hasn't found her niche, but she will. She has ideas. I am excited to see where her ideas take her...take us.
Her daddy and I know we have been blessed by God to be given the chance to be her dad and mom on earth. As I pray for her, my Heavenly Father keeps telling me, "She is My child." Yes, she is and for that I am most thankful.

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